Week 1 - Set up and Training On week 1, our team makes sure we accomplish 3 goals: 1. Hiring process map - a. We work with a recruiter or a user of our software to understand the interview process (review resume, screen and interviews). We then create the best flow to use TopPick with your current set up. 2. Employer branding - a. There are two pieces that come with an enterprise package. The first is a digital screening landing page. We create branded landing pages to start the interview process and make sure candidates know who you are. b. Second, we create a video introduction so that candidates know exactly what is going to happen to start their interview at your company. 3. User training and goals a. on week 1 our goal is understand the top positions to start digital screening with and create the work flow to start. b. We'll set up the questions and process to make sure we're ready to go live.