TopPick’s Quick Guide to Digital Interview Success

Welcome to TopPick! Congrats on getting your digital interview invitation. We wanted to share a few quick tips so that you ace your interview!

Preparation Tips and Tricks

1. Make sure you have a stable Internet connection at a quiet location.

2. Make sure your laptop or pc has a webcam and microphone. We do a double check when you start, but it’s always best to prepared.

3. Align your camera so you fill the screen. We prefer seeing you rather than the top of your head or the bottom of your chin.

4. Look your best because this is your chance to show case you!

Best Device to Use

1. A laptop or desktop is required. At this time, mobile devices can’t support the full interview experience.

2. Chrome or Firefox are the two browsers your can select from, preferably Chrome.

3. Please do NOT take this from a mobile device for some questions are designed to be answered on desktop.

4. Again, the better the internet, the more stable the interview, but just in case, the TopPick support team is here to assist via chat or phone (678) 744 -7194.

Question Types

1. There are 3 types of interview questions Video Question, Case Study Questions, and Submission Question

2. While all questions record you both visually and audibly, you may be required to submit a direct answer (Submission Question) or explain a challenge set presented (Case Study Question). They also may ask a simple interview question (Video Questions).

Ready to Start?

 We hope you enjoy your digital interview experience. Due to the large pool of applicants, it helps with expediting your interview process while also making the interview process easier for you. In short, it allows you to take the interview at your convenience and get quickly get feedback. If you have any questions before you start, please feel free to contact TopPick’s team at 678-744-7194.