The Biggest Recruitment Challenge of 2019

Why you need a Talent CRM
January 6, 2018

The Biggest Recruitment Challenge of 2019

2019 – It doesn’t look like the talent wars are going to get any easier this year. Candidates are getting taken off the market in shortest times. It’s like a record. We’ve all experienced the moment when you interview, wait for the hiring manager and the candidate is off the market. It’s fast and like most things. First come, first serve.


The current Applicant Tracking System approach is not going to get the hires that you need today. The best candidates are not applying to jobs but getting recruited out by the top recruiters before they’re even looking. So, to wait and think that they’re going to apply to your website is a slim chance.


Newer technologies in recruitment can help hiring teams focus on the harder part of recruitment which is engaging and converting a candidate to apply. Candidate engagement today is one of the most challenging things to do. This is because finding contact information and candidates has become simple and easy. There’s a huge void between the first contact that you make with a candidate to getting them to apply. In fact, just like marketing 8-12 touches is what it is going to take. In other words, if you’re sending one or two emails that are cold, it won’t do the trick like it used to.


There 5 steps that need to be taken to engage candidates. It’s an easy acronym, CSCTU, ha, just kidding. No acronym but five easy steps.


  1. Create personas

  2. Source candidates from the ATS then other sources

  3. Create a unique messaging campaign for the persona

  4. Treat the candidates better than your competitors

  5. Use the data to improve your processes


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